durational portraiture

gelatin silver prints, 2018



What is to say people can do much than the mere awning? An infant's initial action as an uncombed being is but a response. Perhaps it is reasonable, then, that every action which follows thereafter is also a response—a response to all other responses, past and present. Perhaps it is this seemingly limitless sea of responses that has formed the world, formed the world into infinite reactables. We may choose to pause the endless chain of reactions in search of a stiller life. Yet, a still image taken over a vast canyon of time still does not contain within it the physicality of time. The picture is not durable, but rests at the cusp of still and moving image. The integrity of the figure is both solidified in her stillness and decayed in her motion. To find a suitable analogy for such an occurrence is an arduous task. It is not quite akin to hearing the entirety of a musical sonata in one second, nor does it match to placing the text of a long book onto itself on a single page.